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There’s Nothing Simple About Web Design.
We Just Make Ours Look that Way.

A lot of time and effort goes into planning, designing, building, and ultimately launching a website. Especially for a company like ours that does all custom work.

And yet we’re not going to bore you with tales of coding languages and other technical tools of the trade…especially when your primary concern is that we get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

To that end, we think you’ll find the following highly reassuring.

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Here are the highlights of our web marketing credentials:

  • We’re not JUST a web design or development company. As broad-based marketing communicators and strategists, we bring all our experience to bear on your web development project.
  • Our company was founded in 1991 and we’ve been developing websites for more than 20 years
  • We work with you to ensure the essentials of an effective and sought-after website, like relating to your primary demos, reflecting what makes your company unique or better, ensuring ease of navigation, and more
  • As contractor marketing specialists, we need very little of your time to gather copy input, especially as it relates to the services you provide. We understand and respect your time constraints, and know you want and appreciate a company like ours that can take the ball and run with it.
  • All our websites are responsive, so you’ll never have to worry about device compatibility.
  • Our experienced team of technical and creative web developers work in close harmony not just among each other, but with your team to ensure a finished website you can be proud of…one you can truly call your own.

Web Development Process

We’ve developed and refined our web development process over the years, and today it’s one that works smoothly for everyone concerned. Here it is in a nutshell:

  • Develop a sitemap for your review which contains suggestions for graphic images, photo placement and, above all, how the site will navigate.
  • Once the sitemap is approved, we begin two processes simultaneously: website design and content development.
  • Your first deliverable will be our proposed web design in a PDF file. Rarely are changes made even to our initial design, but when they’re needed, we waste no time in making the improvements.
  • Once the design is approved, the site goes in for coding.
  • Copy is presented to you in Word Documents, usually one Doc per web section.
  • Once coding is complete and copy approved, we assemble the site, add the photos, activate all the links, etc.
  • Then you’re presented with the finished website for your final review, though it’s not yet live for the public to see.
  • Once approved, your website goes live.

That’s the web development process, IMS Advertising style. We’re confident it will blend nicely with yours. Call or email us today to learn more.