There’s a Reason Why Our Name is IMS Advertising.

Our company was formed in 1991.

Back then, there was little if any web design and marketing going on. But we were still busy as can be and happy to have fax machines to cut down on some of our around-the-town travel.

What were we busy with? Creating and placing media advertising, mostly, and in all media:

We still do it all, including custom jingle creation and recording. You’ll examples on our Portfolio page of our jingles and other advertising creations.

While much has changed in the world of media advertising, here’s what hasn’t:

  • Knowing your audience and speaking to them
  • Recommending, buying, analyzing, and reconciling our media choices to ensure we remain on target in maximizing advertising reach and frequency
  • Creating advertising messages that cut through the clutter
  • Creating a desire to respond
  • Making it easy to respond

Not getting what you expect or want from your advertising dollars? Contact IMS Advertising today and let’s start a whole new chapter, together, in your company’s success story.