Marketing Handouts | Point-of-Service Marketing Material

A Little Something to Remember You By

There are so many different uses for marketing handouts we hardly know where to begin. But we’ll give it a shot anyway:

  • Upselling or cross-selling during a service call
  • Enrolling customers in your annual service plan
  • Using door hangers to clover leaf the area around a home where service was just provided
  • Handouts at a home show
  • Leave behind after a residential or commercial sales presentation
  • Recruiting tool
  • And more

At IMS Advertising, we’ve developed all kinds marketing handouts for all kinds of reasons. Which means we’re ready to lend our talents to realizing your marketing objectives. Equally important, we take great care to:

  • Tie each piece into your company brand
  • Speak directly to the primary audience for each piece
  • Where possible, give you multiple uses from a single piece
  • Use each piece to encourage and facilitate a response

What’s in your marketing portfolio? Starting today, IMS Advertising can help ensure it has all the right tools to help you make the most of your various sales opportunities.