Around the House e-Newsletter | Contractor e-Newsletter

Spread the Good News About Your Business More Frequently.

Based on the success of our Around the House print newsletter program, we launched the electronic version of it several years ago. And, like its print counterpart, it’s still going strong with more contractors employing this service than ever before.

Once again, this is not a templated newsletter. Each issue is developed for you, and you alone. Let’s have a look at some of the specifics:

  • Custom masthead and footer created for each client.
  • Monthly development and distribution is available.
  • No contract required, and no minimum commitment.
  • In addition to a feature article and coupons, each issue contains a Healthy Living Tip and other fun, light elements.
  • Would you rather use a different name than Around the House that better fits your brand? No problem.
  • We’ll make content recommendations, but the decision on content and the coupon offers is entirely up to you.

How to Make the Most of Your e-Newsletter Experience

Around the House e-Newsletters offer something their print counterparts can’t: the opportunity for customer interaction. For example, use a newsletter to promote a contest and provide a link to your website where they can enter. Or, ask customers to nominate their favorite not-for-profit to receive a donation from your company and, once again, link them to your website.

The possibilities are endless, and they’re all available to you once you make Around the House e-newsletter part of your company’s marketing mix