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“Is it Time to Replace My Heating System?”

“Is it Time to Replace My Heating System?”

If your furnace is 10-15 years old, it’s already reached its average lifespan.  Hot water boilers are built to last longer – up to 20 years, in fact.

But here’s the thing:  no matter how new or old your heating system might be, it won’t last forever.  Should you be thinking about replacing it?  It’s an idea at least worth considering if you start noticing any of these warning signs:


Rising Energy Costs
Heating system gradually lose their operating and energy efficiency as they age.  If, for example, your system was 80% efficient when new and it’s now about 10 years old, chances are it’s operating at no better than 60% energy efficiency now.  Replacing your system before it breaks down completely will cut your energy costs significantly and, over time, cover the replacement cost.

Mounting Repair Bills
You know how they say good things come in threes?  Well, bad things have a way of piling up on you too, like one heating repair bill after another.  If that’s been your recent misfortune, sooner or later you need to ask yourself:  is this old heating system worth even one more repair bill?  It may not be.

Thermostat Malfunction
The problem with your heating system may not be with your heating system at all.  Maybe the fault lies with your thermostat.  If so, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you see our guaranteed upfront repair quote.

Loud Noises
Your heating system was designed and built to be felt, not heard. So, if yours is popping off – literally – or making any other strange noises, call us to schedule a system diagnosis so we can figure out the cause and take care of it.  Because without intervention, the problem is only going to get worse.

Uneven Heat Distribution
If you’re perfectly comfortable in some rooms but not in others, you could have an air distribution problem stemming from a clogged or dirty filter, leaking air ducts, undersized ductwork, and a variety of other factors.

Whatever your heating system is or isn’t doing that has you concerned, Correct Temp can get to the bottom of it, explaining the problem to you in plain English, and give you optional repair and/or replacement recommendations.  That way, you get to choose which one works best for your home, family, and budget.

For prompt and highly professional service, contact Correct Temp today.

“Is it Time to Replace My Heating System?”
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