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Comfort Add-ons

Programmable Thermostats | Whole-House Zone Control

Extra Energy Savings for the Asking.

comfort-add-onsEven if you plan to keep your current home comfort systems, you can still cut your monthly energy expenses in two simple and effective ways: whole-house zone control, and replacing standard thermostats with programmable models.

Here’s the logic. Let’s say you have four people living at home in 2,000 square feet of space. Two parents who work, and two children still in school. That means there are lots of hours during the day when no one’s home, and more hours when it’s only partially occupied.

Well, if your house is controlled by a single thermostat, you’re wasting lots of energy to heat and cool rooms or areas that are empty of people and pets.

So, by adding one or more zones into the mix, you’ll gain a huge amount of added flexibility along with substantial energy savings. And all the while, you won’t have to sacrifice one ounce of comfort.

Correct Temp will recommend specific zone locations once we learn more about your family’s routines and then install the system you approve.

Wi-Fi Friendly Programmable Thermostats

comfort-add-ons-2Think of a zone control system as energy savings 101. In other words, it’s a pretty basic solution. But if you want graduate level energy savings, then we recommend outfitting each zone with a Wi-Fi friendly programmable thermostat.

They offer all the flexibility of regular programmable thermostats, plus a heaping tablespoon extra. That’s because Wi-Fi models enable you to change temperature setting wherever you might be, so long as you have Wi-Fi access. When your schedule suddenly changes, you can adjust your thermostats accordingly, and wind up keeping more of your hard-earned money.

For more information on these and other energy saving ideas, contact your local home comfort professionals: Correct Temp.