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SEO: The Guiding Light to Your Spot on the Internet.

Maybe someday there will be a better way for newcomers to locate you on page one of the major search engines, but for now the spotlight remains squarely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You know, of course, that there’s no single or simple SEO technique to get and keep your contractor company on page 1. And yet isn’t that part of its beauty…that it takes skilled and experienced pros – just as it does in your company – to get that job done? Here at IMS Advertising, we ARE those pros for clients in two countries, and we’re ready to go to work for you, too.

SEO Services for Electricians | Winning SEO Strategies

We’re not about to give out trade secrets, but we’re happy to share SEO common practices we employ on behalf of each professional contractor we serve:

  • Research the most relevant keywords targeting the right audience
  • Employ those and related keywords throughout your website.
  • Keep your content fresh and current…monthly blogs go a long way toward satisfying that objective.
  • Develop benefit vs. feature oriented content.
  • Make the content easy to read. That includes everything from page orientation to font size, color, use of bullet points, and more.
  • Know your audience, and address their special concerns.
  • Don’t engage in unhealthy SEO practices like duplicate content and keyword stuffing…the only place those get you is backwards.
  • As paradoxical as this may sound, content is king…NOT artwork or design. And yet 2/3 of what people remember is visual vs. written. So, we use visuals appropriately but relevantly to encourage more time spent viewing your site and greater recall of what was read and seen.

We analyse website performance in timely fashion and take all necessary actions to keep yours highly ranked.

Mobile & Local SEO Service

Today more the majority of people use their smartphones to conduce web searches. That’s why we optimize all client websites to rank highly for desktop, laptop, AND mobile searches. What’s more, websites fast quickly which makes them even more user friendly…yet another way to facilitate direct contacts. And, to top things off, w build and optimize local citations to help you rank higher in Google Map search results.

More SEO Best Practices

At IMS Advertising, we also engage in the following:
Link Building: Today, the importance of building high-quality links has never been greater. It’s equal parts art, science, and psychology, and it’s where SEO companies like ours really earn our stripes. A link, also known as a hyperlink, allows users to navigate between pages on your website or between your website and others that are helpful and connection friendly. We use only high-quality backlinks (a link from another site to yours) to help boost your SEO rankings. And, we write fresh, compelling, and original content to encourage others to backlink to your website.

Meta Descriptions with Impact: It’s one thing to get our clients ranked on page one of Google, and quite another for a web browser to prefer clicking on a client’s link vs. the other organic links also on page one. One way to accomplish that goal is to write and post compelling meta descriptions that appear as part of your search engine listing. A meta description is the summary of what’s on a web page. The location of the meta is below the website URL on the search engine results page.

Ready to be a Star in Your Market?

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