At IMS Advertising, We Pull it All Together… Into One Focused and Easy to Manage Plan.

Marketing is a mosaic. At its best, a focused, carefully crafted plan of attack. At worst? Well, a lot of jumbled pieces that don’t all quite fit together.

As seasoned marketing professionals and consultants, we have the ability to look at and analyze:

  • Company goals and objectives
  • Marketing strategies and tactics
  • Results and tracking
  • Success rates in adding to both customer share and market share
  • Brand awareness, integrity, and perpetuation
  • Relationship of your marketing to your company brand
  • Timing, execution, and consistency of marketing initiatives
  • Average sales per call
  • Average tasks per call

And so much more.

After one to two days working closely with you and selected members of your staff, we’ll develop a comprehensive analysis of your current marketing program and a proposal on how to take your company higher… with all the pieces working together.

For consulting rates and related information, contact us today.