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Become the Go-To Resource for Timely Information in Your Market.

Blog writing and posting is equal parts art and science. Without bias and based only on actual results, IMS Advertising has mastered both.

More than 90% of our client blogs make it to page 1 of Google within a week of being posted. Many of them have made it to page 1 nationally. Talk about reputation boosting!

Of course, none of the answers the question: “Why should I be blogging in the first place?” Let’s examine that closely:

  • Google favors webites with frequent content updates…post two blogs per month, and you’ll fill that need
  • While blogs give your customers more to read, especially when you display the titles of your latest blogs on your website, the bigger benefit is adding to the number of page 1 Google listings you already enjoy
  • All of our blogs include photos, and for good reason…two thirds of what people remember is visual, one third written
  • We archive our client blogs by category and posting date for ease of access

There’s more to the success of our client blogs, but we’ll leave that for when we speak. (Trade secrets, and all that.)

The point is, if you want the hardest working blogs in contractor marketing, you want your blogs written and posted by IMS Advertising.