Around the House Newsletter | Contractor Newsletters

Our Pride and Joy. Now, it Can Be Yours, Too.

Of all the marketing and advertising work we’ve produced for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical contractors in past 20+ years, none has produced higher rates of return than our Around the House print newsletters.

The truth is, they’re not purely newsletters, and not traditional direct mail. Which is why, when no one’s looking, we refer to it as a “news-offer” program.

Whatever you call it, it just plain works, with ROI figures up to 3000% or, looked at another way, $30 in sales for each dollar spent.

Pertinent Facts About Around the House Newsletters

  • Not a templated newsletter service…each issue is produced just the way the client wants it.
  • In a standard two-page newsletter, your logo appears six times and your company name is interspersed in the content. The net effect is a newsletter that’s yours and yours alone, and not something you’ve latched onto.
  • Most of clients use Around the House quarterly; the frequency is up to you.
  • No contract required; no minimum commitment.
  • Would you rather use a different name than Around the House that better fits your brand? No problem.
  • We handle everything, from article recommendations to printing and mailing.

To learn more about our Around the House print newsletter service, contact IMS Advertising today. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and prepare a custom quote for your first issue.