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Bob, It’s great to have the site up and running! It has been a fun learning experience along the process of getting to this point. I appreciate your diligence and for delivering a very appealing product. Best regards, Omar MuhammadExcel Electrical Technologies, Inc.
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Bob,Love itLove the structure, love Lily Tomlin’s contribution (love Lily full stop), love the interesting fact, love the recipe (why not). And love that you’ve made it relevant to 15th February (I wondered what we could do about the “cut-off date”. Anyway, love it, love it, love it.And the good news is that I couldn’t find any errors.Let’s get it out there ASAP. Max Jones, PresidentKalamunda Plumbing Group
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Bob,It looks great!Marlene really liked the articles. Bruce Solomon, PresidentBruce Solomon Plumbing, Heating & Air
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IMS has built both of our businesses’ websites as well as numerous advertising pieces and they have done an excellent job each time.Bob and his team take the time to learn my business, what makes us unique and are able to express it in our advertising very effectively. Mike McCullaFox Services Express
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YAY!! It is done and approved! Thanks for all your hard work on this. Katherine EverettColony Air Conditioning & Heating
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Bob,Looks great and we are a go to launch! Beautiful work. Tim Stewart, PresidentStewart Plumbing
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I and everyone on the team love it great work. Stephen Swan, President